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Summary of Breast Augmentation (fat - Silicone)

0.5 - 1 hrs


Week - follow up

Week - normal activities

3 months - final Results


enlargement of breast and increase the projection

satisfied  with the results

- The goal is to improve self-confidence and it stems from you, not to please others


- Age is over 18 years old

- You must have realistic expectations of the results


The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation

- It does not affect breastfeeding or pregnancy

- It does not affect sensation

- It does not cause any swelling or malignant diseases

- Mammography should be performed before the operation

- Silicon should be changed every ten years

- Premium and internationally recognized species should be used to avoid problems

- Not using inferior species by focusing on the lower cost because it causes more costly repair problems

Silicone for breast is safe?

How is Breast Augmentation done?

- Self-fat redistribution or using silicone


- General anesthesia and within an hour and a half


- A skin incision is made around the areola or in a crease between the breast and abdomen 4 centimeters long and through it a cavity is made between the breast and chest muscles or under the chest muscles. The filling is then implanted into this cavity and the cutaneous fissure is sewn with cosmetic stitches


- Adhesive tape is applied, and the woman then wears a special surgical strap for the chest for three months, and she never takes it off except when bathing


- You can play sports and swim after a month

What do you expect during the recovery period after breast augmentation?

Within hours, the patient will be discharged from the hospital and within a week she will lead normal life.

Within two weeks, medical visits are made to check the condition of the wounds and the bruises and swelling are removed, so that the new shape begins to form.

During these periods, massage and massage should be done to speed up the healing and shaping process. Topical creams and patches should be used to reduce the effects of scars.

After three months, you will get the results in terms of look, feel and feel.

Office work: You can return to office work within three to five days after performing the operation

Aerobic exercise: Exercise can be done within several weeks

Sex: what applies to exercise applies to sex

Travel: There are no caveats to traveling by plane or car immediately after the operation

Silicone prosthesis Form and Size:

There is the round and anatomical shape as the water drop

We often use the oval shape for married women who have very thin breasts, while for girls who have a small breast, the circular filling meets the purpose and gives a distinctive and natural look

As for the sizes, they are available from 50 millimeters to 900 millimeters or more, but the size must be chosen that suits the composition of women and is appropriate for height, weight and chest circumference

It should be noted that it should be noted that the larger the size, the greater its weight, and thus susceptible to causing sagging breasts over time


Type and shelf life of silicone prosthesis:

The results of implanting cysts stuffed with saline were not satisfactory in the long run. The fluid leaks slowly, which requires replacing the bags after a few years. In addition, it was giving a sound during movement, such as the sound of water in a bottle, which is very annoying to the patient.

So silicone gaskets are now used to avoid these defects

There are two types of smooth coarse and coarse wrapping, and now it has been recommended by the World Health Organization to use smooth coated gaskets to avoid any complications from gaskets

As for the shelf life of the implanted filling, we usually advise the patient to replace it after about 10 to 15 years, as the manufacturers advise, because after this period the outer covering may weaken and crack, causing the silicone to leak. However, it must be noted that some women have kept the bag for more than 30 years without facing any problem


Place of silicone prosthesis:

It became evident after a long experience that the best shape of the breast is when the cyst is placed just under the gland and over the muscle, because it completely intertwines with the breast and forms one lump. But when placed under the muscle, we get two masses, one on top of the other and the final shape is less attractive, especially when the muscles contract and the filling is pressed with it.

But in some cases, especially with the skin's skin being extremely thin, we avoid placing the filling directly beneath it and putting it under the muscles


Skin incision site:

The ideal incision is the one that does not leave noticeable scars, and it turns out that the best position is around the nipple or just under the breast (and in the case of using a silicone bag from under the armpit or around the navel)



Silicone for Augmentation


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