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Summary of Liposuction

Traditional, VASER, LASER

1 - 1.5 hrs

General or Local

Week -follow up

3 days - normal activities

3 months - final result


eliminate excessive localized fat

satisfied  with the results

- You are over 18 years old

- She suffers from embarrassment when wearing tight clothes and t-shirts

- Have embarrassment when swimming

- She suffers from embarrassment from marriage

- It prevents you from admission to military colleges

- Fat accumulation in a specific area after losing excess weight

- You practiced all exercises and did not decrease the size of a specific areas



Most patients want to improve their appearance without drawing attention to the fact that they have undergone a "plastic surgery", which is our primary goal.

Best Candidates fo Liposuction

Liposuction is not a weight-loss process, but it is done to coordinate the body in limited areas, but for weight loss in general, we resort to weight-loss operations such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass.


With vasers and lasers, the skin gets hot and only tightens 20% of the sagging, but if the sagging is severe, the excess must be removed from the skin after tightening the sagging muscles to inject the fats. Fluids must be used to remove the fat to preserve the stem cells

Important Notes

Liposuction idea

It depends on breaking down the walls of fat cells so that the fat stored in them becomes liquefied and thus can be drawn out of the body. To break down the fat cell wall, one of three methods can be used:


1- Injecting concentrated fluids, which are absorbed by the cells, causing them to swell and break down


2- Ultrasound or Vaser


3- Laser


It is an advanced technique of liposuction to sculpt fat masses to show the shape of muscles and of course it depends on the skill of the surgeon. Such as sculpting belly fat in the form of muscles for bodybuilders or sculpting the chest area to draw the shape of athletes' muscles.


It is also one of the modern methods of liposuction for very large quantities from a very limited area such as the abdomen, between 15 to 20 liters of fat and takes three hours and uses general anesthesia and must be performed in an equipped hospital, and the patient stays for medical follow-up in the hospital from one to three days.

Areas for Liposuction

liposuction areas

Liposuction Procedure

Traditional, VASER, LASER, Liposculpture

Anesthesia is general or local and depends on the area from which liposuction is desired. For example, when liposuction from the upper part of the body, such as the chest, arms, and upper abdomen, general anesthesia is used. As for liposuction from the lower part of the body, local anesthesia can be used with a sedative.


And it takes from half an hour to an hour and a half


It is possible to perform liposuction from one or several regions at the same time, but the total amount of removed fat should not exceed 8 liters.


After determining the areas to be coordinated and the patient is in a standing position to avoid changing the location of these fat clumps when lying down


Through an opening half a centimeter in length, one of the methods is used to break down fats (injection of concentrated fluids - phasers - lasers).


Then a special machine called "liposuction cannula" is used that connects to a device to suck these fats out of the body


Then put on a plaster jacket and put on the corset as auxiliary methods for the skin to restore its basic position on the layers from which the liposuction was extracted to avoid skin sagging.

What do you expect during the recovery period after liposuction?

-You will be able to practice your normal life within two days after the operation.

- During the first week, the effects of the operation will be removed from bruising and swelling of the skin.

- During the first weeks, some of the epidermal fixation will occur as a sign of the stage of healing and recovery between the skin layers and the deeper layers.

- After three months have passed and with the continuity of wearing the corset and making some massages and massages the skin, the skin will return to its original position, area and elasticity. Sometimes we may resort to LPG sessions as an aid to restore skin elasticity.

- And after six months have passed, you will get the final results

- Because with age, the skin loses much of its elasticity, so the results are better whenever liposuction is performed at a young age (more than 18 years).


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