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Summary of Breast Reduction

2 - 2.5 hrs


2 weeks - follow up

2 weeks - normal activities

3 months - final results


decrease size and sagging of the female breast

satisfied  with the results

Best Candidates for breast reduction and Lifting

- Women who suffer from cervical vertebrae, back or shoulders pain due to large breast size.

- People with sagging breasts, a low nipple level, or a large area of areola.

- Those who suffer from inconsistencies between the size of the chest and the body.

- Girls with asymmetry breast size or shape.

- Those whose breast size impedes them from carrying out their normal life or wearing whatever clothes they like.

- Women who suffer from inconsistencies between the size of the breasts.

- Any age over 18 years old

The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

شكل جرح تصغير ورفع الصدر

All surgeries could cause edema, swelling or ecchymosis

but it could be avoidable by followup visitis

However, scarring is the non-avoidable side effect

Side effects of breast surgeries

How is breast reduction or lifiting done?

- General anesthesia and within two hours


- There are three sizes of the breasts, either to be of simple, medium or severe degree, so the technique and steps will differ in each of them.


Minor degree: liposuction without removing glands or skin. Thus, there are no traces or scars of the process.


Medium degree: The liposuction is extracted, then the skin is sagged by making a vicious circle around the areola. And thus the effects or scars of the process as a link around the aura.

Advanced degrees: where the breasts sag and may reach the level of the navel and are removed for both excess skin, glands and fat. And the process has effects like a ring around the areola and as a vertical line extending from the bottom of the areola to the skin fold between the abdomen and chest with a length ranging from 4 to 9 centimeters.


- There are scar strokes for other techniques, such as the inverted T or J, and others.


- She wears a medical bra bra for three months


- You can play sports and swim after a month

What do you expect during the recovery period after breast reduction and lifting?

- Within hours, the patient will be discharged from the hospital and from the next day she will lead a normal life.

- Within two weeks, medical visits are made to check the condition of the wounds.

- Within two weeks, the bruises and swelling disappear, and the new shape begins to form.

- During these periods, massage and massage should be done to speed up the healing and shaping process. Topical creams and patches should be used to reduce the effects of scars.

- After three months, you will get the results in terms of look, feel and feel. And that is evident after one year. And the results are permanent.


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