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Summary of post-bariatric surgeries

2 - 3.5 hrs

General or local

2 weeks - follow up and daily activities

3 months - final results


remove sagging skin allover the body

satisfied  with the results

- 18 years or more.

- in good health.

- In good psychological condition.

- not suffer from obesity (body fat accumulation rate or body mass index (BMI) is less than 45% for women and 47% for men).


The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

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Post-Massive Weight loss

For a complete recovery from obesity surgeries, a short-term and long-term plan is put in place to complete reaching the final shape and restoring full health.


During the first period of recovery, which extends to six months, you will need to do some sports, organize eating and meals, and take some complementary treatments. And after having stabilized the weight for six months (more or less 5 kilos), it is possible to resort to tightening and body coordination operations.


Exercising after obesity surgeries:


Before leaving the hospital, you will start simple sports movements to speed up the healing of wounds and the most important sport during that period is walking. Within two weeks, you will be able to start practicing your daily activities and life.


Regulating types of food and meals:


Because the operation was carried out in the stomach, so you must choose simple foods, but they provide you with all the contents necessary for recovery. And these general instructions must be followed during meals:


• Chew food well and slowly.


• Separate each value from another in a few minutes.


• Drink a lot of fluids outside of eating time.


• Avoid high types of sugars and starches to avoid the occurrence of depression after eating.


• Taking care of the varieties that contain proteins, fruits and fresh vegetables.


• It is necessary to adhere to the medicines that compensate for the lack of absorption of vitamins, iron and calcium.


• Alcohol and smoking should be avoided.


• Three meals should be eaten without snacks or extra food.



Medicines after obesity surgeries:


You will need painkillers and antibiotics in the early periods. After that, you will need vitamins, iron and calcium to compensate for the lack of absorption of these elements.



Change your lifestyle:


Obesity surgeries are a means, not an end. Therefore, many patterns in your life must change with it, such as the way you eat, its dates, the regularity in exercising and integrating into society, especially since some psychological changes may occur in the early periods.


If you are a woman and want to have children, you must wait for a year and a half or two years before you walk on that to maintain your general health and the health of the fetus with proper nutrition. Of course, you will need to increase the amount of vitamins and iron in those periods.


Over time, and losing a lot of weight, another phase of recovery will begin, which is sagging skin in all areas of the body, starting from the arms and chest to the abdomen and thighs, which may cause you new discomforts. And a corset should be worn to reduce sagging of the skin and help it regain its elasticity.


What happens after the weight changes are proven?


With the skin losing its elasticity and then losing weight by more than 100 kilograms over a year after the operation, another surgical intervention is required to tighten these sagging.


The weight must be stabilized for at least three months before starting to tighten the sagging. (More or less 5 kg)


And according to your general health, according to medical analyzes, these operations can be performed in two or three stages, six months apart from each of these stages.


In some cases, you may need a stage of liposuction, whether by traditional methods, vaser, or laser, to remove the burning-resistant fat masses.


As for skin sagging, it often needs to be tightened all or some of them, such as tightening the sagging skin of the abdomen, arms, chest, buttocks, back or thigh.


Post bariatric surgeries

Usually, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, and it can also be performed under a local anesthetic with the use of sedatives, especially if the tension is partial to the area below the belly button.


The process takes about three to six hours, depending on the type of technique used and the places where the operation is performed.


The first stage:

Lift the upper part: arms, chest and back


Design wounds to be hidden as much as possible.

After hypnosis, liposuction is performed from the previously defined areas.

Then the skin is incised and separated to enable the extra skin to be tightened.

The wounds are closed with stitches and a drainage to drain any collections outside the patient's body.



The second stage:

Lower body lift: abdomen, buttocks, lower back and thighs


Design wounds to be hidden as much as possible.

After hypnosis, liposuction is performed from the previously defined areas.

Then the skin is incised and separated to enable the extra skin to be tightened.

Repair any hernia and repair the abdominal wall by approximating the anterior longitudinal muscles with fixed stitches.

The wounds are closed with stitches and a drainage to drain any collections outside the patient's body.



The third stage:

Trimming the scars and removing any growths


- A supplementary stage to fine-tune the shape of wounds for the previous two stages and remove any greasy or skin lumps at the edges of the wounds


The period between each stage is not less than six months for the wounds to heal, general health improves and a full recovery

The recovery period after total body contouring:


- Depending on the amount of sagging removed and your general health before the operation and your age, you can expect some pain that will be removed with painkillers and a bit of stress due to changing the amount of fluids.

- Sometimes, abdominal wall repair, especially if the sagging is chronic, is accompanied by shortness of breath during the first hours.

- A full body lift requires a complete rest at home for a period of two weeks, although some patients can practice their normal lives within days.

- Patients are advised to do some light exercises to stimulate blood circulation to reduce the recovery period, while bending the trunk while walking.

- It should also be taken into account that bathing, medical refills and removal of the tubules take place during the first two weeks after the operation.

- During the first three months, the corset is worn continuously.

- The patient can exercise or swim after two months of the operation, but he is warned to carry weights for a period of three months, especially with the repair of the muscles of the abdominal wall.


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