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Texas Technique


Texas technology, also known as the V-line, is one of the latest technologies used to define the jaw and was specially developed with the aim of exposing the lower jaw area and highlighting the chin and creating a symmetry in the facial features in general in order to overcome the problems of the atrophy of the temples and the pointed chin.


Texas has been called this technique in relation to the people of the state of Texas in the United States, where their features are characterized by a wide chin consistent with the side face lines


Suitable for any age after the age of 18 years


With the goal of noticeably filling lean or slender areas around the lower jaw circumference and the front of the chin, this technique exposes the lower jaw and makes it appear larger than its true size


Filler is injected into it




Nefertiti technique


Nefertiti technology or also known as Nefertiti Lift the latest technology with the aim of eliminating the effects of skin aging on the face in general and the neck area and the lower face in particular


The name is derived from the name of the Pharaonic Queen Nefertiti, who is considered a symbol of beauty; It appears in the reliefs and statues, with a long tight neck and straight jaw, and this is the look that every woman around the world desires to obtain.


Suitable for any age after the age of 40 years


It is used for the face in order to tighten the jaw and neck and eliminate the effects of aging in those areas, which are represented by sagging skin, wrinkles and visible neck lines


Botox is used for that




Kay injection


An injection substance is a substance that the body produces naturally. It is known as kiooxylic acid and its well-known and well-known name is Kabela. Naturally, this substance is excreted by the body for the purpose of getting rid of excess fat by dissolving and removing fat cells and thus absorbing them or removing them with the rest of the excess from fluids and other tissues of the body. These needles are used to treat the problem of double chin


Suitable for any age after the age of 18 years


It uses topical solvent needles





Can Nefertiti and Texas needles be used together?


Yes, it is possible in some cases


Such as having sagging skin and wrinkles in the neck area, at the same time he is dissatisfied with the appearance of his pointed or slender chin and wants to make him appear wider and larger than he really is.


How to inject needles of Texas and Nefertiti needles


The injections can be done using Texas techniques inside the clinic in a simple way and with local anesthesia with local creams.


After determining the sites to be injected and the dose that the patient needs, which varies from case to case, as well as before the procedure for Nefertiti injection, skin marks are indicated indicating the muscle injection points.


After using the anesthesia cream, we wait approximately 15 minutes for it to take effect


Then the injection is done with a filler material designated for the facial area. Usually, the injection is made in the two sides of the jaw (temples), as filling these areas with the filler material gives the face a rotation, thus the jaw and sides of the face appear relatively wider than they are in nature.


If Nefertiti and Texas injections are used together, boutiques of the Nefertiti muscle are usually injected first in the specified positions and then Filler (Texas) is injected on both sides of the jaw to achieve the fullness of that area and make it more rounded.


These techniques achieve effective and rapid results without the need for surgeries, but their results are temporary, ranging from six months to a year.

What happens after using Texas needles, my click needles or the Kabyle needles?


You should avoid sleeping, lying down, or a face massage for 4 hours after the injection.

Use cold compresses to prevent any swelling or bruising for 4 hours after the injection procedure.

Not to overburden the skin with chemical powders and cosmetics.

Not committing to any social work or events for a week after the injection, as this is the period that the skin needs to reach the stage of full recovery and the disappearance of any side effects resulting from the injection such as bruises and temporary swelling.


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