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Summary of Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck

2 - 3.5 hrs

General of Local

2 weeks - follow up and daily activity

3 months - final results


Remove abdominal fat - remove flabby skin - fix abdominal wall muscles

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- 18 years or more.

- in good health.

- In good psychological condition.

- Do not be pregnant or plan to become pregnant within a year.

- not suffer from obesity (body fat accumulation rate or body mass index (BMI) is less than 45% for women and 47% for men).


The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

Best Candidates for Tummy tuck


Tummy tuck

Usually, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, and it can also be performed under a local anesthetic with the use of sedatives, especially if the tightening is partial to the area below the belly button.


The process takes about two or three hours, depending on the type of technique used.



Full Abdominoplasty


Draw the outline of the operation, which is very similar to a cesarean section, even if it is a few centimeters longer. We also specify areas for liposuction.


After anesthesia, liposuction is performed from the previously defined areas.


Then the skin is incised and separated from the abdominal wall and the navel is separated from the skin to enable the extra skin to be tightened from the area above the navel.


- Abdominal wall repair by approximating the anterior longitudinal muscles with surgical stitches after removing any umbilical hernia that may be present. This is done in two layers to obtain stronger muscles of the abdominal wall.


- Then the excess skin is removed and then an opening in the skin of the navel is made and it is fixed in a new place in the skin, but at the same level as before the operation in an area between the waist and pelvis level.


- Close all wounds with surgical stitches, and surgical staples can be used after placing a drainage tube to drain any fluids out of the wound without causing problems to the patient and it is removed within three days after the operation.


Dressing to cover the wounds, then using a medical corset to reduce any fluid accumulations under the skin and to give the skin a new look, and this corset is maintained for at least two months after the operation to get the best results.



Mini Abdominoplasty


Limited to remove excess skin below level of the umbilicus without repair of muscles.

What do you expect during the recovery period after a tummy tuck?


- Depending on the amount of flabs removed and your general health before the operation and your age, you can expect some pain that will go away with painkillers and something from stress to change the amount of fluid.

- Sometimes repair of the abdominal wall accompanies, especially if the sagging is chronic shortness of breath occurs during the first hours.

- Abdominoplasty requires a complete rest at home for a period of two weeks, although some patients can practice their normal lives within days.

- Patients are advised to do some gentle exercises to stimulate blood circulation to reduce the recovery period while bending the trunk while walking.

- It is also taken into account that bathing and medical visits to the wound and removing the tubercle are done during the first two weeks after the operation.

- During the first three months, the corset is worn continuously.

- The patient can exercise or swim after two months of operation, but warns carrying weight for a period of three months.


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