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Benefits of chemical peels


- It is a non-surgical procedure that does not usually require general anesthesia, except in the case of deep peels


- The recovery period is short


- Its results are great as it gives shine and luster to the skin as it unifies the skin color and makes it lighter


- Inexpensive compared to the surgical procedures for the same purpose




Uses of chemical peels


- Acne effects and scars

- Eliminate dark spots and dark circles

- Treatment of minor and medium wrinkles

- Irregular skin tone

- Damage caused by sunlight

- Freckles and chloasma

- Dry skin with large pores

- Swollen and loosened skin




Types of chemical peels


Superficial peeling


Suitable for all skin types and colors


It can be used as a chemical body scrub


This type of peeling off the surface layer of the skin without penetration of the chemical substance into the deep layers of the skin


This type of peeling is used to treat the effects of pimples and scars, simple and not deep in the skin, and it is also used to lighten the skin and remove impurities from it.



Medium peeling


A little deeper than a superficial peel, this type is used to eliminate minor wrinkles in the skin and the effects of deeper pimples



Deep peeling


It penetrates as deep as possible into the skin, and this type is used to eliminate medium and deep wrinkles, and is not suitable for owners of dark skin




Tips after a chemical peel


Avoid direct exposure to the sun after the peeling session and use sunscreen


Not to use cosmetics for at least a week after the peeling


Use the ointments and creams prescribed regularly and inform the doctor of any abnormal skin changes


If you have had a deep peeling, he will prescribe an antibiotic to avoid infection and speed recovery. Take care of the skin and clean it well with warm water and soap designated for that.

After a chemical peel


Feeling of pain: especially in cases of medium and deep peels


Redness and swelling of the skin: It is also a normal symptom due to the effect of the chemical on the skin


Feeling of warmth in the area that was peeled, and this feeling gradually goes away without using treatment


Some creams are used to maintain the results


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