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Summary of management of inverted nipples

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- People with sagging breasts, a low nipple level, or a large area of ​​areola.


- Who are hindered by the size of the nipple, the practice of breastfeeding


- Any age over 18 years old


The goals are to improve the appearance without any noticeable results to the fact that they underwent a “plastic surgery” and this is our primary goal

Best Candidates for surgical correction

Causes of inversion of nipples

Most cases of cavernous nipple are a fetal defect from birth, but it appears only when reaching puberty and the completion of breast growth.


Also, the large number of breastfeeding may be the cause of the inverted nipple.


Sometimes obesity may lead to sagging breasts, which in turn leads to turning the nipple inward.


Sagging and sagging breasts with age.


In the event of surgery on the breast nipple or the surrounding dark area (as in cases of breast augmentation or breast reduction), surgical scars formed may cause the nipple to bounce back inside, and the inverted nipple injury.


An inverted nipple may be one of the primary signs of breast cancer, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as itching or secretions from the breast.

The first degree: the cavernous nipples that arise by simply pressing the dark area around them (the areola), and remain prominent for a period of time. An inverted nipple of the first degree does not contradict breastfeeding at all.


The second degree: the cavernous nipples that hardly arise when pressing on the areola region, and bounce back as soon as the pressure effect is gone. Most cases interfere with breastfeeding.


The third degree: It is the cavernous nipples that do not respond at all to the effect of pressure and are usually accompanied by the presence of fibrosis or contraction of the lactic ducts. All cases interfere with breastfeeding.

Degrees of inverted nipples

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Cases of the first degree and some cases of the second degree of the inverted nipple through simple traditional means such as the Hofmann method, which is a method of massaging the thumbs around the nipple, then pressing and moving around the nipple repeatedly with the use of nipple suction devices.


The medical throat can be used to maintain the appearance of the nipple.


In the event that the aforementioned fails to achieve the desired effect (some cases of the second degree and all cases of the third degree), the corrective surgical solution is the most appropriate.

Management of inverted nipples

Surgical correction of inversion

With local anesthesia, within half an hour


Through a small half-centimeter opening in the areola region, the nipple-tightening fibers are separated into


The ban must be taken so that the mammary ducts are not interrupted


A stitch or two is used to seal the wound.

What do you expect during the recovery period after fixing the inverted nipple?

- Within hours, the patient will be discharged from hospital and practice normal life.

- Within two weeks, medical visits are made to check the condition of the wounds.

- Within two weeks, the bruises and swelling disappear, and the new shape begins to form.

- During these periods, massage and massage should be done to speed up the healing and shaping process. Topical creams and patches should be used to reduce the effects of scars.


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