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Summary of Dimples creation

0.5 hrs


Week - follow up

Immediate - Final results


Dimples in cheek with smile, The character of beauty within a chin

satisfied  with the results

- Any age after the age of 18 years


Most of patients want to improve their appearance without attraction to the fact that they underwent a "plastic surgery" and this is our primary goal.

Best Candidates for Dimple creation

Natural Look for Dimples

As the shape is the ideal position for dimples, they must be oval in diameter and the vertical diameter is equal to the height of the lips.


As for the character of Beauty, it is in the middle of the chin in the most prominent area of ​​it, similar to the dimples in the oval shape and height.

Creation of Dimples

With local anesthesia, within half an hour


A small membrane piercing is made from the inside of the mouth, ranging from one to three millimeters in each side, close to where the expressive muscles meet the muscles around the mouth.


Spiral fat removal after muscle spacing to stabilize the skin with muscles with automatic melt stitches within weeks with a dedicated machine.


The wounds are closed with a surgical electrode that melts within days or the wound is left to spontaneously heal during the same period.


Likewise, a good character can be formed, but without fixing the skin to the muscles, so it is stable.


You can practice your normal life right after you do it.

What do you expect during the recovery period after making dimples and beauty character?


You can practice your daily life directly.

Some swelling may subside within a short period

Right areas should not be massaged for a week to avoid internal suturing.

The mouth sanitizer can be used for two days until the wound heals.


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