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Ask about LASER uses

When embarking on laser skin treatment and the field of plastic surgery


Pay attention to the following


What is your problem and will the laser solve it?

Who will do the sessions?

What type of device is used?

What are the device parameters?

The level of the doctor in charge of the center?



Cosmetic uses of lasers


- Laser skin tightening and wrinkle removal

- Treatment of burns and scars

- Removal of genetic pigmentation and so-called moles, as well as skin tags

- Remove capillaries and prominent blood vessels

- Removing pigmentation caused by the sun and chemical burns

- Liposuction and tummy tuck

- Neck lift and chin lift

- Double chin treatment

- Rhinoplasty and deviation adjustment



Laser in face


Laser facelift is a procedure that aims to treat facial imperfections and get rid of the effects of aging through various types of lasers


Eyelid lift operation

Laser hair removal process

Laser chin slimming process

Laser nose slimming operation

Laser facial wrinkle removal process

Laser face peeling

Laser scar removal and removal of facial scars



Laser facial hair removal


Laser is a successful solution, especially for women who suffer from PCOS or some diseases that cause an embarrassing increase in the density of hair on the body and face.


Also, laser hair removal is painless like traditional methods and does not cause skin sagging like regular hair removal methods, and thus it protects you from wrinkles as an added advantage.



Laser in wounds


The laser treats the effects of wounds in one of two ways


The first method: It is the method of peeling the affected layer of the skin, which stimulates the growth of a new layer that is more fresh and beautiful, and where the traces of old wounds or burns do not appear. It uses various types of peeling lasers, such as carbon dioxide lasers or fractional lasers


The second method: It is the same method of treating wrinkles in which collagen production is stimulated in the various layers of the skin, so that collagen fills the scars and hides them. This method uses a non-peeled phototherapy laser



Laser liposuction


A non-surgical operation that does not require general anesthesia, and a device is used to launch the laser beams, which breaks up the subcutaneous fat layer, so the fat turns from the solid form to the liquid form, which facilitates the suction process,


The laser also tightens the skin naturally as a result of stimulating the cells to produce collagen


The operation is performed to improve the general body shape, or to improve the shape of certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks and arms, and not to lose weight, and many men perform the operation to obtain a sports stomach shape by highlighting the abdominal muscles


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